I am an Industrial designer based in Wellington New Zealand. I am currently working as a designer at a furniture company in Wellington. Previously I completed a Masters and Bachelor of Design Innovation at Victoria majoring in Industrial Design.

Growing up I always had a passion for drawing and fixing things. Every nuisance or tiny problem was something waiting to be solved by design. In my time studying industrial design I tried to keep my passion for problem solving and my love for engineering and architecture central to my design process, and have learned the value of sketching and the iterative process in the development of every project. A lot of my own design is motivated by curiousity, so it is often conceptual and based on material or psychological experiments.

The majority postgraduate study was focused on multi-material 3D printing. My thesis took me into a in-depth exploration of how this technology can affect our lives, specifically the benefits the technology will have in the medical industry. This led to an exciting, multidisciplinary project in a fast emerging field. Having previously worked collaboratively in a team of designers, engineers and software developers in the Product Futures Business Incubator programme, it was a new and educational experience to work with professionals within the medical industry.

Outside of my design I channel my passion and energy into learning and performing Salsa dancing, practicing and teaching karate, and I am a keen runner.